The “Smart parents of Industry 4.0” Conference

Each child is a unique individual with unexploited talents. It is how to recognize, educate and counsel children to prepare for their happiness and success in future lives that acts both as a noble task and a vital concern of parents.

This is also the main goal of the “Smart parents” Conference held on June 22th, 2019 at IRIS SCHOOL and attended by nearly 100 parents.

The conference was part of a series of events held by IRIS SCHOOL to provide parents with information and knowledge on children education and development. The speaker of the conference was Ms. Lai Thi Hai Ly, known as “The spirit mother of 50 thousand Vietnamese families”, and is a leading education expert on inspiring millions of Vietnamese parents to change their parenting strategies.

Ms. Lai Thi Hai Ly shared her personal parenting experiences to guide parents to explore valuable knowledge on strategies for educating and counselling children, and most importanly, on how to effectively and timely stimulate children’s brains. Additionally, the speaker gave the parents useful advice, which is deemed as valuable presents brought to help the parents to both counsel their children and embrace a broader perspective on modern education programs.

Any parent can become smart by adopting a pathway with specific goals, appropriate and scientific parenting strategies and being a patient and determined companion of their children. That was the message implicited by our school through the conference.

In parallel with the conference, IRIS SCHOOL created a meaningful playing space inside Crown Villas building, with a handmade corner allowing children to entertain and to make the best of their creativity when making their own products. Joining hands-on experiences not only develops children’s discovery thinkings, practical skills, independence, focus and cleverness but also brings them relaxing moments in this summer break. Consequently, the kids would become more interested in sharing household chores with their parents.

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