The “Smart nutrition for students” conference

Nutrition plays a critical role in children’s health and physical development. Therefore, IRIS SCHOOL is deeply aware of the collaboration between the school and parents in taking care of students’ well-beings.

This was also the main goal of the “Smart nutrition for students” conference held in the morning of June 8th, 2019 at IRIS Kindergarten, IRIS Primary School, IRIS Lower-secondary School and IRIS Upper-secondary School (IRIS SCHOOL), with the attendance of nearly 100 parents.

The conference was part of a series of events held by IRIS SCHOOL to supply parents with information and knowledge on children care, education and development. The speaker of the conference was Dr. Tu Ngu – Secretary-general of Vietnam Nutrition Association.

At the conference, Dr. Tu Ngu provided parents with useful information on nutrition and put special focus on children’s intellect and physical health, which sparked ideas for aiding their comprehensive development. Using his knowledge and experiences, the speaker shared practical methods of how to feed children appropriately and nutritiously and of how to protect children’s appetite. This helped enrich parents’ knowledge on children’s meal care.

Additionally, Mr. Thomas Rossiter – Head of IRIS International Department introduced the use of the bilingual curriculum at the school. Specially, Mr. Romain Garnier – Director of ADEN Services in Ha Noi gave a presentation about IRIS canteens, which implemented a special method of nutrition to ensure nutritional balance for IRISers.

The “Smart nutrition for students” conference not only offered parents with scientific information, but also served as a forum on which parents could contribute their voices and share their parenting experiences.

In parallel to holding the conference, IRIS SCHOOL joined ADEN Company to create an entertainment area for children in the Crown Villas hall. The area featured a cake-making corner where children could play, make the best of their creativity and enjoy their own products. This experience would not only help children develop their discovery thinking and complete their practical skills, independence, focus, cleverness, but also stimulate their appetite. Consequently, they would become more interested in sharing housework with their parents.

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