As the first international-standard inter level School in Thai Nguyen, IRIS offers an humane educational environment featuring outstanding facilities and comprehensive curricula, in which Thai Nguyen students are trained to become kind, patient, creative, cooperative and integrative citizens.



Situated in Crown Villas Urban Area on Cach Mang thang Tam Road, Gia Sang Ward, Thai Nguyen City, IRIS School covers an area of approximately 1,3 ha. It is constructed on the basis of International standards and intended for providing its students with a friendly, safe and modern learning environment. At IRIS, the students can be exposed to amazing experiences and have an opportunity of demonstrating love and respect. Simultaneously, their aptitudes can be fully developed under positive encouragement. 

The name IRIS carries a number of humane meanings in English. Being carefully selected by the school, IRIS stands for: Independence – Respect – Integrity – Service. These are the most important standards that our school leaders incorporate into the educational process for future generations during their study from kindergarten to high school.

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The curriculum for Preschool is designed in combination with that of national standards and featured with varied content. It teaches students basic skills and raises their awareness of preserving and advancing Vietnam’s cultural elites.

Primary School

The curriculum for Primary School is designed in combination with that of national standards, with supplement of English, Mind Math and other skills necessary for students’ comprehensive development.

Lower-Secondary School

The curriculum for Lower-Secondary School is diversely designed in combination with that of national standards, with supplement of English, Mind Math, Information Technology and other skills necessary for students’ comprehensive development.

Upper-Secondary School

The curriculum for Upper-Secondary School is optimally and integratedly designed in combination with that of national standards. Its content is selective and featured with Proactive learning, which, through various learning methods, helps advance students’ positivity, proactiveness and creativity.

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